Episode Three

Beholden to the Empire's demands, the party are sent to an ancient pyramid to root out and destroy the Rusty Raiders that have settled there. They discover the pyramid's guardian, a Spectator, gravely injured outside of the tomb and slowly make their way inside. Once within they battle a group of mummified priests wielding the weapons of Air Lacers and uncover the treasures of the tomb but are unable to find a way into certain rooms that appear to be magically sealed: Taia senses that they are sealed with great elemental magic. The party infiltrates the main chamber of the tomb to discover a hooded figure, hordes of dead Warforged, and an authoritative looking Warforged slowly transforming into a half-metal, half-flesh creature.

Episode Two
Running with the Devil

While piloting their zeppelin East, the party are confronted by a far more imposing zeppelin heading directly for them. They are boarded by a crew of elite samurai, led by an imposing samurai in black gear. Aboard the zeppelin they dine with Akuma, the Emperor of Huaxia responding to surveillance that an Imperial zeppelin had been stolen. He destroys the zeppelin in a single flash of lightning and forces them into becoming bounty hunters for the Empire.

The party are guided to Steaming Rock and promptly search for One-Eyed Wilbur at the saloon. After handing their weapons over to a mysterious Drow girl they begin to question a small Gnome that goes by the name, apprehending him and taking him to Akuma. However, they are informed that One-Eyed Wilbur is in fact a girl, and a Drow to boot. In his rage Akuma dispatches the Black Samurai to destroy the town.



  • Nang, Taia, and Baar'Dargo got terribly drunk from the Dragonfire Whiskey at the saloon.
  • Akuma served the Gnome target to the party for dinner.
Episode One
Runaway Train

The party travels east on the Lightningrail searching for a target called One-Eyed Wilbur, of which they know virtually nothing. Their journey is interrupted when they're attacked by the Rusty Raiders, a group of Warforged looking for gold. During the fight they not only rescue the passengers of the Lightningrail but also discover that the cores of the automatons explode upon defeat. After dispatching of the Raiders the party commandeers the zepplin they rode in on.



Among those saved by the party was a rich Tabaxi that Baar'dargo recognised as being part of a wealthy trading caravan.


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