Emperor of Huaxia


“Akuma” is incredibly striking, with long white hair and an overtly feminine appearance. He often dresses casually, wearing little more than a kimono or yukata (depending on the season and occasion). Few people have seen him in armour or with weapons and he seems to prefer things this way.


“Akuma” is the current Emperor of Huaxia, ruling on behalf of the Eternal King. Though he is thought to be effectively powerless and chained to the whims of his master he has forged a fearsome reputation as a callous man who is not to be angered or disappointed.

As a child, “Akuma” was raised in the Imperial Court in Alerion: a tradition that had been maintained since the conquering of Huaxia. The details of his early life are largely unknown but it has been said that he was doted upon as a favourite of the Eternal King. When he came of age to take his position he was met with wild revolt: the Huaxin people, while submissive to the Imperial regime, were fond of their former Emperor and saw this new pretender as unfit to follow his legacy because of his perceived Alerish heritage. It is here “Akuma” earned his nickname, mercilessly destroying hordes of protestors with his destructive magic and ending the rebellion before it could even start.

Under his rule Huaxia has become a perplexing place. The presence of the military can be felt across the land, even in the isolated countryside, and seems to be intended as a warning against any insurrection. Politics within Huaxia has also shifted: while the Great Families of Huaxia’s past were largely detached from their Emperor’s court, they are now frequently called back and forth in shows of power by “Akuma,” forced to play to his fragile temper. People fear that the culture of Huaxia may be slowly being erased by this usurper and that there is nothing that can be done.

“Akuma” was first seen in Episode Two: Running with the Devil. After having his enforcer Kuro escort them off of a stray zeppelin, he forced the party to work as his own Bounty Hunters, demonstrating his strength by destroying the zeppelin with a lightning bolt and effortlessly defeating Grugnuki in a duel. He later chastised and humiliated the party when they failed to bring him One-Eyed Wilbur, cooking up the target they believed to be the bounty and serving it them for dinner.


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